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15 Things You Need to Know about Woman Sexuality

1- Ovulation period is the cycle when a woman feels the sexiest and her sexual desires increases the most.

2- The most erogenous zones of a woman are her breasts, nipples, lips, neck and vagina. Because some women are especially sensitive, they can even have orgasms when those areas are touched.

3- Some women can have ejaculation like men. But this discharge is not like sperms. It’s more like fluid containing vaginal discharge and urine. Also, it’s important to pee after sex. Because it prevents the bacteria inside of vagina to go to the urinary tract during sex and cause infections.

4- Women desire sex more during their 30ies and 4oies. Especially during 40ies women can have strong and multiple orgasms. By the way, multiple orgasms mean having orgasms again and continue to have them after 30 seconds of the first orgasm.

5- Clitoral and vaginal orgasm are not too different. To have an orgasm, it’s important for clitoris to be stimulated. But some women can have an orgasm while penis is inside of the vagina due to the nerve and sense ends from clitoris (every one of 3 women). For others, clitoris needs to be stimulated. The most likely position for this is when woman is on top.

6- Lesbian couples have more orgasms than heterosexual couples. This is because foreplay is longer and both women feel more ready about themselves. For women, long and romantic lovemaking is essential.

7- There is something called vaginal farts. Don’t scrunch up your nose immediately. Because of the pumping during sex, there may be a sound similar to farting. No need to get embarrassed about it.

8- Some women can have orgasms during child labour.

9- Average female orgasm lasts to 20 seconds. Meaning, 14 seconds longer than a male orgasm.

10- Faking an orgasm is real. Women usually do this so their partner doesn’t feel bad. However, faking it is making the relationship even more complicatied. Women should tell their partners when they don’t have an orgasm and should try new things with their partners.

11- Women who doesn’t know how to ejaculate is really high. For this, you first need to know about masturbation. A woman should discover her own body and know how to stimulate her erogenous zones.

12- Ejaculation and orgasm are not the same. Ejaculation is release, orgasm is feeling pleasure on top of release.

13- Women have the same amount of sex as men but they don’t like to talk about it. Also, the smell of a man is more attractive than anything to a woman.

14- Kegel exercise, meaning exercising vaginal muscles is the shortest way to get a woman to have an orgasm.

15- Surprise! For a woman to be sexually stimulated and have an orgasm, a male presence is not mandatory. Masturbastion is as pleasurable as penetration.

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