Let’s Put an End to Vaginal Itching!

Vaginal itching is one of the most annoying problems of most women. Especially in summer it becomes the biggest problem, it not only makes you feel uncomfortable, but also makes you feel restive. Also, having an itch that you can’t scratch in the most improbable places makes you feel bad. You can be the cleanest person ever, yet still have a vaginal itching. Because this situation is also because of the lingerie that you use, the way you get rid of hair and nutrition. But you don’t need to live with this itching that turns your life into hell. Here are the reasons of vaginal itching and how to get rid of it!

The reasons of vaginal itching and solutions to it

1- If you are cleaning youself from back to front, the bacteria from the back can be carried to the front. Therefore, this means itching and lots of microbic sicknesses. The right way is to use the toilet paper from front to back. Also, be careful that it stays dry.

2- Washing your lingerie with products that include fragrants or putting fragrant to your underwear also cause itching. Therefore, you only need to wash them with water and soap.

3- Underwear with lace, skinny pants and tights also cause moisture therefore itching. It’s important that this place needs to be dry. Therefore, you need to use cotton underwear and outfit that’s not too tight.

4- Washing and cleaning vaginal area with fragrant products like shower gel causes itching. You shouldn’t diverge from water and soap or products that are especially produced for vaginal area. Also you certainly shouldn’t clean the inside of your vagina. Because this may affect the Ph level and can cause rash. There is good bacteria inside of your vagina and antibacterial products kill this bacteria. Vagina is an organ that can clean itself.

5- Food that is high in fat and acidity cause vaginal itching. In nutrition, you should especially prefer fermented foods. What are these: yoghurt, vinegar, lemon…

6- Antibiotics kill the good bacteria in the vagina and can cause fungus. Therefore, don’t use antibiotics unless you really have to.

7- Don’t use weird methods that are recommended to you for vaginal itching. If you have itching, you can take a bath in water with apple vinegar. If there’s too much itching, consulting to a doctor is the best option.

8- If underwear or daily sanitary pads are not changed for long periods of time, they cause itching and opens your vagina to germs. You should change your underwear every day, and your daily sanitary pad every 2 hours.

9- Wrong depilation to the bikini area can cause rash, burns and itching. You should avoid razors in this area. Also you shouldn’t change your method often. Laser depilation and cutting the hair short with scissors are the least harmful methods.

10- Staying with wet underwear after exercise or using bicycle without a daily sanitary pad – because of the vein contraction – may cause vaginal itching. You should change your underwear and your outfit after every exercise and should use tights with pads while using a bicycle.

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